Querrin Pier & Village Community Development Group

Welcome to the Querrin Community

The community at Querrin in West Co. Clare has always been close-knit. We live, work and grow together. We share a love of our little slice of paradise. To help us to maintain and protect what we love, and to help us share it with others, we have now gathered to form the Querrin Pier and Village Community Development Group.

Wildflowers along the hillside.
Photos by Robert Brown.

The group was started through 2018 and was officially formed on 1st February 2019. The objectives of the group are to promote and implement sustainable projects for the enhancement of our physical and natural environment for the good of the people of Querrin and the many tourists.

Flowers lining the road facing down the hill.
Photo by Martin Ward.

Please follow us on social media for any upcoming community events and visit our Projects page to see what we are doing today and hope to do in the future.

A poem for Querrin

The following poem was written by Martin J. O'Keefe. Martin was born and lived on Querrin Shore for much of his early life before moving to Rochester, New York. Martin was a great musician and came home every year for the Willie Clancy festival in Miltown Malbay. We were lucky enough to have Martin come back home to visit for the launching of the Sally O'Keefe, a community built traditional Shannon turf boat named after Martins grandmother, in May 2012 at the age of 99. Martin passed away in 2015 at the age of 103.

This poem was first published in the Clare Champion newspaper several decades ago and was simply signed by A Fishermans Son.

Querrin, County Clare

As I watched the tide flow in the creek, where in boyhood days I stood
And played upon the pebble beach and oft times in the mud.
My memory takes me to the spot and the friends who joined me there
As we played upon the Shannon bank at Querrin, County Clare.

As silly as those games now seem, we play them there each day
Before returning to our homes, the rosary to say
It seemed to be a lot of fun, just because our homes were there
Upon the lovely Shannon bank at Querrin, County Clare.

The currachs leave the old grey pier, as the sun goes down the West
To cast their nets into the deep, each man where he thinks best.
They pray and hope that God will grant an answer to each prayer
And fill their nets with silvery fish at Querrin, County Clare.

When the seagulls to the land do flock and the bar at Beal is broke
Or the Kerry mountains wear a cap, it's bad for the fishing folk
But when Tarbert light is shining bright and all the West is clear
They will sail again from the old grey pier at Querrin, County Clare.

Looking at Querrin Pier from the water.
Photo by Randal Counihan.

Our group is supported and funded by the Department of Rural and Community Developent through the Clare Public Participation Network.

We would also like to thank all of our sponsors and supporters who have already helped with some of our local projects.